CIMA-LSAMP Summer Undergraduate Research Program Application

May 30, 2023 - August 4, 2023

Application Deadline is February 24, 2023

Applicant Information
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What is the highest degree you desire to obtain?  
Program Information Each Alamo Colleges student will be paired with a faculty mentor from a partnering university or with one of the Alamo Colleges faculty to participate in STEM related research. Once you have been selected into the program, we will try to match you as closely as possible with your area of interest.


Personal Statements

Please answer the following questions: (maximum of 200 words required for each question) Nursing and Pre-Med students are not eligible for this grant.

Why have you chosen your STEM major and what are your STEM-related career goals?  
Why do you want to participate in this program?  
Why do you think that you’ll enjoy research?  
Have you had any research experience in the past?  
What career would you like to pursue and what steps are needed for you to attain it?  
What leadership experiences do you have?  
List any adversity and challenges in your program of study/academics.  

Are you able to dedicate 40 hours a week for 10 weeks during the summer?

If requested, are you able to dedicate some evenings and /or weekends over the 10-week period to the summer research project?

Have you been admitted to a 4 year institution for the upcoming Summer/Fall or in the past?

If Yes, which institution?
If Other, please specify:  

Please select the area of research you are most interested in

Please select a second option for the area of research you are interested in


* IMPORTANT: Students participating in the 10-week CIMA-LSAMP Undergraduate Research Program will not be allowed to enroll in day time classes or work between the hours of 8am-5pm during the summer. It is mandatory that you attend all program workshops and field trips. Start dates may vary depending on university, so dates are subject to change.


Please list the name and email address of two (2) individuals who will serve as a reference for you. These individuals should be math, science (non-medical), engineering, or technology professors or teachers who know you well and who are familiar with your academic performance and STEM-related career goals.


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