CIMA-LSAMP Undergraduate Research Program Application

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I plan on Reverse Transferring to complete my associates: Reverse_Transfer_Degree  

Program Information Each Alamo Colleges student will be paired with a faculty mentor from a partnering university and participate in STEM related research being conducted in a faculty's laboratory. Once you have been selected into the program, you will choose which school, area, you would like to complete your research in.


Personal Statements

Prepare a personal statement (in paragraph form) answering the following three questions: (Minimum of 500 words required)

  1. Why have you chosen your STEM major and what are your STEM-related career goals?
  2. Why are you interested in doing undergraduate research?
  3. If you are selected for the CIMA-LSAMP Program, how will you contribute to increasing diversity in STEM at Alamo Colleges?
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Please list the name and email address of two (2) individuals who will serve as a reference for you. These individuals should be math, science (non-medical), engineering, or technology professors or teachers who know you well and who are familiar with your academic performance and STEM-related career goals.

References will be requested via electronic notification. Make sure to list ONLY their Alamo Colleges email address.

We will contact your reference directly to request their recommendation. RECOMMENDATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE.



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